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Jihfan and I enjoyed the fashion in London, but we particularly enjoyed the men’s fashion in London: very classic, slim tailored pants, fitted coat, and always a scarf. Once we got to Paris, however, we immediately noticed how all of the women in Paris were so chic. Our first stop in Paris was at a restaurant we just picked off the street where we had a Croque Monsieur and some espresso. Our waitress was a 60 something year old lady, and she looked good. She had an impeccably cut bob, skinny jeans, black knee highs, black turtle neck, and some earrings – so simple and so French. We loved it, which was far better than her attitude. The food itself was nothing to call home about, but the espresso was incredible. I was not a huge coffee drinker, but that espresso changed my life.

One of our first stops was the Saint Ouen Flea/Antique Market, which wasn’t as busy as Portobello Road, but just as overwhelming. The market has outdoors and indoors section, but I was completely blown away by some of the flooring in the indoor section: old blocks of wooden end grain, in a brick layout, without even any filler. It fit the antique market perfectly. We met a very regal dog, and I was also at the right place at the right time when a man was lighting his cigarette in some wonderful lighting. I had to include a photo of a shop that was overgrown with branches as it’s one of my favorite looks on architecture, and we all found some souvenirs to take home.

Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel

We stayed in central Paris in St. Germain. We took a nighttime stroll to view Notre Dame at night and then picked up some crepes around the shops in St. Germain. The next morning we went back to Notre Dame and took time to look around the interior of the church. I loved the glass room/window confessionals in the church, which was interesting considering that there are so many tourists going through who can watch you in confession.

Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | TravelMaria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel

My favorite photos from the Louvre are the ones I took of the statue Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss. There was a swarm of people at the statue when we got there, almost chaos. It just felt like such an invasion of privacy and sacredness, paparazzi taking photos of this couple in such an intimate embrace. It was a completely different experience to see the statue once everyone walked away. Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | TravelMaria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel

We also came across a student fashion exhibit pieces which were show cased in these fun spherical clear balls, and went to the famous Ladurée for some macarons.
Maria Kim | Paris | Spring 2013 | Travel

Next stop: Versailles!

Paris Life Changer:
Hair dryer to warm up the bed sheets!

Paris Recommendations:
Pharmacie – We loaded up on beauty products while we were out there. So many great products are sold at their local pharmacy stores. These stores are lit up in neon green lights, you can’t miss it.
Dips Restaurant – This was our expensive French dinner out and it didn’t disappoint. The concept is so simple, and all the dipping sauces were well executed.
Le Marais – This was my favorite neighborhood to walk around. Lots of little boutique shops.
Croissants and Espresso! – We concluded that there must be something in the water to make croissants and espresso so good in Paris.



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  1. jiffy

    omg Hi! IDK how I stumbled onto your website (probably searching for hi-res pics of Paris for a wallpaper). I recognized some of the thumbnails and was amazed at how great everything looked. Really good job! Anyway, hope to see you at Clydes when you get back!



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