Portrait Date! | Jericho Park, Vancouver, BC | #2

A beautiful day in Vancouver after several days of rain, but the days are certainly getting colder! Well, all the locals seem fine with the temperature. We may need to start finding some indoor locations for our portrait dates. What saved time and warmth this time though was that I got some batteries for my remote control.

We had a fun weekend: brunch at a frirend’s place, Game Night at our place (consisting of friends, Bomberman, Carcassone, Taboo, and Bananagrams), a Home Depot run (you need local insurance to rent the trucks there, which apparently you can get a day’s worth of insurance through ICBC), church, portrait date, and then I had a fun session with a local family today at Stanley Park that I can’t wait to post. Ridiculously cute kids!

Maria Kim Stuart Campbell Portrait Date 2 Jericho Park_1 Maria Kim Stuart Campbell Portrait Date 2 Jericho Park_2

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