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Portrait Date! | Heather Park, Vancouver, BC | #5

Finally, Stu is done with his first semester at Regent!  I had to keep quiet for several weeks while he had papers due and exams to pass, but now he’s got about a good month off before school starts up again, and the snow came at just the right time. Apparently, it’s quite rare for Vancouver to receive any snow, but we got a great snowfall and welcomed it like little kids by bundling up (snow pants, ski socks, ski gloves, down coats) and heading to our local park. Stu proceeded to make some snowballs and repeatedly pegged the tree. I didn’t really understand what for and his answer was “I’m a boy!” Got it, Stu.  But I like how Stu wanted to hold hands in our swing photo, that was pretty cute. There were also tons of snowmen with carrot noses around. We even met a snow/ice/sand/stone sculptor who made a really cool snow sculpture right down the block from us. I guess when it snows Vancouverites really take advantage of it.

Maria Kim Stuart Campbell, Heather Park, Vancouver, Portrait DateMaria Kim Stuart Campbell, Heather Park, Vancouver, Portrait Date

Cherry and Jizell | Mother & Daughter Couture | Vancouver, BC

Cherry and Jizell were the recipients of my contest, thanks to Cherry’s cousin Senia. I think I can safely say that all of us had so much fun with this shoot. What’s not fun about getting some hair/makeup pampering done, dress changes, and a photo shoot? I loved how excited Cherry and Jizell were, they brought a whole suitcase and more of beautiful dresses and outfits. Jizell, who has a precious four year old soul, had been so excited for the shoot, she had apparently been talking about it non stop to everyone, even telling her school teacher. And let me tell you, that little girl has enough princess dresses to put any Disney princess to shame!

I loved getting to know these two and Senia. Cherry works long shifts as a nurse and also has her own cake business, CheNJezzy Cool Cakes, on the side. Let me tell you, she’s an incredible woman. She started her cake business, not even a year ago, and she already has an incredible portfolio of cakes. One weekend she completed an order of six cakes! Who does that?! Cherry. I was lucky enough to taste her cupcakes, and they are phenomenal! Totally wishing she had a bakery in Cambie, so I could grab a cupcake at whim.

I just want to finish by saying, that while I have many favorites from this shoot, I love the last photo I’ve posted here. It may be subtle, but I see a sensual and calm confidence in Cherry that only a woman can have, and I loooooove capturing that.

Hair & Makeup: Rocelyn Hodson

MariaKimCherryJezzyCouture-5Maria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Couture | Vancouver, BCMaria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Mother and Daugther Couture | Vancouver, BC Maria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Mother and Daugther Couture | Vancouver, BCMaria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Mother and Daugther Couture | Vancouver, BC


Versailles, Paris, France | Spring 2013 | Travel

I have wanted to visit Versailles for several years now, probably close to a decade. I’m not sure why I didn’t visit there when I went to Paris a decade ago. I don’t think I realized how close to central Paris it was. Over the years, I’ve heard from several people of the beauty and grandeur of Versailles, how it was a place I shouldn’t miss. That made me feel really good after I had missed it!

We got there at a reasonable time (if I had to guess, probably around 9), and there was a line to match the grandeur of the palace. We had bought tickets in advance, but we still had to wait in line for an hour to get in. It was cold, but we kept ourselves entertained by scoping out the fashion of tourists from all over the world. Jihfan and I still preferred the very “proper” fashion of London, especially for men, although we did see some exquisitely dressed women in Paris. We took turns guessing where each group tourists were from: USA, Japan, Spain, Italy, etc. We saw a group of students from America, and Jihfan and I were surprised by how you could even tell they were Americans by the way they walked. Strange. Emiri nearly died of embarrassment by how a group of Japanese tourists were outfitted. Let’s just say there was no doubt they were tourists… and they were wearing matching electric blue ponchos.

Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel

If I had to describe Versailles and my experience in two words, those words would be “overwhelming opulence”. You simply cannot cover the entire place in a day. I am an ambitious traveler, and there is simply no way. I will be the first to admit that I am largely history ignorant, and there is still no way. We covered the Palace, the Gardens, and Marie-Antoinette’s estate very quickly. I got exhausted because everything was so overwhelming – the history, the extravagance and visual overload, the enormousness of the estate, and the crowds. I can only take so much of so much.

Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel

I particularly loved Marie-Antoinette’s estate. The estate was where Marie-Antoinette could escape from all the pomp and manners of the Court of Versailles and retreat to simpler, rural living. Access to her estate was based on invite only. I don’t blame her, the estate, created in the manner of a village, was so cute and cozy. Each house in the village had it’s own vegetable garden and my favorite were the tulips that were growing on top of the roofs. If we ever own a house, I will grow tulips on the roof.

Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel Maria Kim | Versailles, Paris, France | Travel
Next stop: Cotswold! More cute and cozy villages!

Versailles Recommendation:
Buy the Passport in advance and get there early!!! – The Passport gets you into all of the ticketed areas (like the Palace, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, etc), and you can buy it in advance at the main train station at the information desk. Even with buying it in advance, we still had to wait an hour to enter.
Marie-Antoinette’s Estate
The Gardens (I would imagine it to be absolutely phenomenal in the spring time)