Cherry and Jizell | Mother & Daughter Couture | Vancouver, BC

Cherry and Jizell were the recipients of my contest, thanks to Cherry’s cousin Senia. I think I can safely say that all of us had so much fun with this shoot. What’s not fun about getting some hair/makeup pampering done, dress changes, and a photo shoot? I loved how excited Cherry and Jizell were, they brought a whole suitcase and more of beautiful dresses and outfits. Jizell, who has a precious four year old soul, had been so excited for the shoot, she had apparently been talking about it non stop to everyone, even telling her school teacher. And let me tell you, that little girl has enough princess dresses to put any Disney princess to shame!

I loved getting to know these two and Senia. Cherry works long shifts as a nurse and also has her own cake business, CheNJezzy Cool Cakes, on the side. Let me tell you, she’s an incredible woman. She started her cake business, not even a year ago, and she already has an incredible portfolio of cakes. One weekend she completed an order of six cakes! Who does that?! Cherry. I was lucky enough to taste her cupcakes, and they are phenomenal! Totally wishing she had a bakery in Cambie, so I could grab a cupcake at whim.

I just want to finish by saying, that while I have many favorites from this shoot, I love the last photo I’ve posted here. It may be subtle, but I see a sensual and calm confidence in Cherry that only a woman can have, and I loooooove capturing that.

Hair & Makeup: Rocelyn Hodson

MariaKimCherryJezzyCouture-5Maria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Couture | Vancouver, BCMaria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Mother and Daugther Couture | Vancouver, BC Maria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Mother and Daugther Couture | Vancouver, BCMaria Kim | Cherry & Jizell | Mother and Daugther Couture | Vancouver, BC


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