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I am gathering wardrobe pieces for my couture sessions. I got some pretty little things at the local second hand shop, a stark white bustier and a semi-lacey black top. The white bustier I bought with the intention of tea staining to give it a sweet, antique look. I was asking the lady who worked at the shop if she could show me any pretty nude color slips/bustier/lingerie items, and as I gathered she was looking for things in my size, I quickly added that they didn’t have to be in my size because they weren’t for me. She gave me a really odd “Ok”. Embarrassed, I quickly clarified that these were for photo shoots, and we had a good laugh. Anyway,┬átea staining is ridiculously easy and quick, and I love the results from using natural dyes. Below is a before and after of the bustier.

Maria Kim Tea Staining Tutorial-1

The process: Thoroughly wash item. Submerge item in hot water. For one bustier, I used two quarts of water. Ensure the item is thoroughly soaked before you add any tea bags. I added six bags of Lipton tea to two quarts of water. Steep tea bags, ensure tea color is distributed evenly in the container. Move the item around to ensure even dyeing. The time you have your item in the tea depends on how dark you want it stained. I wanted to keep the bustier on the light side, so I kept it in there for 2 minutes. Drain tea and thoroughly wash item in cold water until it bleeds no more tea. Dry.

Maria Kim Tea Staining Tutorial-1

Disclaimer: Don’t burn yourself. Use gloves if necessary. Different teas will yield different colors. Lipton tea yielded a peachy color. If you leave your item in the tea for a longer time, I would keep an eye on it, stirring it often. Otherwise it could dye unevenly. Follow care instructions for your item. I used hot water because the tea steeps much quicker, but if your item is not compatible, use cold water.

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