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Contest Winners! And Thank You!

Maria Kim Photography | Autumn Rose | Nature | Rockville Civic Center
Thank you to everyone who participated in my contest! I am humbled by your entries and am filled with gratitude that you shared your stories with me. I got such a diversity in entries: single mothers, expectant mothers, mothers who were the family photographer, women reinventing themselves, people starting their own business (kudos to you! we should talk!), wanting to gift someone they love with this opportunity, wanting to share beautiful portraits with loved ones afar, and wanting to boost self-confidence. When I started the contest, I did not anticipate that I would be so touched to read your stories and that it would be so hard to pick a winner. Ultimately, it came down to two entrants, Debbie Bryant and Senia Rodriguez, and I’ve decided to award them both a session, so congrats to you two! I am very excited to provide this opportunity to both of my winners.

Debbie Bryant, also known as “Pink Gramma”, entered for her son and daughter-in-law, Adam and Carrie, and their two young children, Ethan and Olivia. They are a young family getting by on a single income. However, what really got me was when Debbie told me that their wedding photographer got their wedding date mixed up, so they didn’t have a photographer for their wedding! As a photographer, I value having beautiful photographs to capture beautiful memories and moments, so hearing that they didn’t have a photographer for even their wedding really broke my heart. And I loved how Debbie ended her entry: “As ‘Pink Gramma’ my wish for them would be a sunny day in Vancouver at the beach… all smiles.” Cutest. Gramma. Ever. (Sidenote: I LOVE Grandmas and Grandpas!). Congrats Debbie (and Adam, Carrie, Ethan, & Olivia)!

Senia Rodriguez entered for her cousin Cherry, who is a single mother to her young daughter Jizell. In Senia’s words, “Cherry is a hard working single momma! She works 12 hour shifts taking care of mental illness patients and then going home spending time with her daughter as much as she can…She is very giving and does not expect anything back which is truly motivating in a lot of ways that I am still trying to grasp…I respect and applaud her for all that she has done for our family.” Cherry also has a side business baking cakes at ¬†CheNJezzyCoolCakes, and she is completely self taught. Talk about hard working!¬†Senia is in her early twenties, and she was raised by a single mother. Through her cousin, she sees how challenging it is to be a single mother, and maybe that begins to color her relationship with her own mother differently. To be honest, I was really impressed by the love and respect Senia has for Cherry that was evident throughout her entry. She clearly looks up to Cherry and it is exciting to hear the kind of impact Cherry is leaving on Senia. Congrats Senia (and Cherry & Jizell)!

And again, a BIG thank you to everyone who has participated! Look out in your email as I will be sending you a Thank You gift!