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My Family | Rockville, MD

Even though I’ve been shooting for years, I’ve never actually taken my own family out for a  session. I regret it now because I see how much we have all changed over the years. But the good thing about regret is that now I’ll make sure I fit a session in when I see my family next. My mom liked it so much, she wanted to do another one… two days later. And my dad was great – he was so grossed out when I posed them in the bottom left photo. It was too close for comfort for him, but he liked it after he saw the photograph. My aunt and uncle tagged along and they were such naturals –  they could’ve fallen in love yesterday. ;)

Missing my family…

Maria Kim | My Family | Portraits | Rockville, MDMaria Kim | My Family | Portraits | Rockville, MD

The Perrells | Family | Rockville, MD

I love my nephews. They are so cute and are growing up so quickly. I love how different they are from one another. It is amazing to me to see how they (and all people) were each born with a unique personality, which makes it so fun to see them play and interact with one another. My oldest nephew, Trey, has such a calm temperament, and he’s such a good older brother. I can’t believe how much he’s grown in the 5 years I’ve known him, and WHY oh why is he almost as tall as me when he’s only in second grade! For shame!  The twins are three, which means they can actually stand still and “pose” if you will. YES! But they are such boys. I tried to get them to give each other a hug, and they just stood there looking at me like I was dumb. :)

One thing that the contest really cemented for me, which I kind of did already know through my SIL, is that mothers rarely get to be in any family photos because they are they family photographer (let alone so many other jobs/roles in the family)! All you mothers out there – get in those photos! Get your husband to take photos, if you’re out somewhere, ask a stranger to take a photo for you, or learn how to use the timer on your camera. I’m sure it can be hard with young children, but one day your children will cherish those memories and photographs with you in them. They’ll love looking at how their own parents have grown through the years. I found this one photograph of my parents before they had kids, and I have yet to give it back to them because I find it so cool. Maybe I’ll share it here one day, but they don’t even know I have it! All that to say that the last photos in this post I wanted to center around my beautiful SIL. She’s a phenomenal mom, let alone woman, and I will definitely be going to her for advice when my husband and I start our own family. I asked all the boys to give mommy a kiss, and it was too funny: JT just stood there, and then the twins looked at each other and laughed. Yep, such boys.

MariaKimPerrellsFall2013-2 MariaKimPerrellsFall2013-8 MariaKimPerrellsFall2013-7 Maria Kim Perrells Fall 2013 Autumn Rockville Civic Center Maryland Maria Kim Family Children Fall Autumn Rockville Civic Center


Andrew & Stefani | Engagement | Rockville, MD

Andrew and Stefani are getting married in January! Andrew is my bro, and he was also my lunch buddy when we used to work together on the same team before I moved to Vancouver. He made work really fun, I could pick his brain on any topic, we were usually at “war” with someone, and even our interns turned out to be mini-mes and were bros as well. I miss working with him, but he’s a dude, so he gets by just fine at work. It was a pleasure to meet Stef after hearing so much about her, she’s super sweet. One of the fun things about taking couples portraits for your friends and family is that you get to see them be cute and lovey dovey with one another when, especially with guys, they aren’t typically like that in public. It was fun to photograph and hang out with them.

Congrats and many blessings to you guys!

Andrew & Stefani | Rockville, MD | Engagement Andrew & Stefani | Rockville, MD | Engagement Andrew & Stefani | Rockville, MD | Engagement Andrew & Stefani | Rockville, MD | Engagement Andrew & Stefani | Rockville, MD | Engagement