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Kim + The Paper Hound

This is Kim. She is one of the owners of The Paper Hound. The Paper Hound is a lovely bookstore (my favorite kind) in Gastown. Kim herself is also lovely. Not only did she let me do a shoot in her bookstore, but she has a delicate beauty that I am so grateful she let me capture. These portraits have both healed and reignited something within me. 


Portrait Date! | Heather Park, Vancouver, BC | #5

Finally, Stu is done with his first semester at Regent!  I had to keep quiet for several weeks while he had papers due and exams to pass, but now he’s got about a good month off before school starts up again, and the snow came at just the right time. Apparently, it’s quite rare for Vancouver to receive any snow, but we got a great snowfall and welcomed it like little kids by bundling up (snow pants, ski socks, ski gloves, down coats) and heading to our local park. Stu proceeded to make some snowballs and repeatedly pegged the tree. I didn’t really understand what for and his answer was “I’m a boy!” Got it, Stu.  But I like how Stu wanted to hold hands in our swing photo, that was pretty cute. There were also tons of snowmen with carrot noses around. We even met a snow/ice/sand/stone sculptor who made a really cool snow sculpture right down the block from us. I guess when it snows Vancouverites really take advantage of it.

Maria Kim Stuart Campbell, Heather Park, Vancouver, Portrait DateMaria Kim Stuart Campbell, Heather Park, Vancouver, Portrait Date

The Watsons | Family | Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

I had another session at Stanley Park a couple of weeks ago with the Watsons. They are such a cute family and were a lot of fun to photograph, especially their daughter Beatrix. She is just full of life, super expressive, and I love her blonde hair with those gorgeous brown eyes. We got along so well, that she totally surprised me and gave me a kiss at the end of our session! Their son Toby was a little cranky as he was napping at the beginning of our session, but even he warmed up to me and gave me a hug at the end, which the parents said was very unusual for him. The children were so different from one another; it doesn’t cease to amaze me the personalities that children are born with. I loved seeing Beatrix’s eyes light up when her and her father were playing in the leaves.

Maria Kim | Family | Stanley Park, Vancouver BC | Portrait Photography Maria Kim | Family | Stanley Park, Vancouver BC | Portrait Photography Maria Kim | Family | Stanley Park, Vancouver BC | Portrait Photography

Portrait Date! | Underneath Cambie Bridge, Vancouver, BC | #4

I was trying to find a different location underneath Cambie Bridge where they have some cool art, but it was cold (about 6 C so somewhere in the 40s F), dark, and rainy, so we set up shop by the water at Coopers Park. It’s a kind of neat area as there are a playground and a set of hoops underneath the bridge. The most mind blowing part of the night though (well it wasn’t even 6PM at this point) was that there were people training for dragon boating on the water in the cold, dark, rain. And there were at least two boats full of people, not just one. Vancouverites, I am in awe of you. But the best part of our date was on our way home, we drove by a gelato store which jogged Stuart’s memory to a nightmare he had. His nightmare was that a scoop of ice cream was $11 in Vancouver, and he paid it because they had already scooped it and he felt bad. Funny that’s what he considers a nightmare. Oh Stu. :)

Maria Kim | Portrait Date | Cambie Bridge Vancouver BCMaria Kim | Portrait Date | Cambie Bridge Vancouver BC
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